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Lions Draft Position Changes Significantly Following Week 13

The Detroit Lions were idle on Sunday after playing Thursday afternoon, and they had nearly everything go perfectly for them in terms of their drive to pick up ground in the NFL Draft.

While the Lions lost, other comparable teams around them managed to do the opposite. The Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos all pulled off wins. Additionally, the Cincinnati Bengals won their first game of the season. As a result, the Lions are only a half game out of the No. 3 selection.

Here’s a look at where the Lions stand in the order courtesy of This is notable for the Lions, who have injury troubles and are losers of five straight games.

Just ahead of Detroit in the standings? The Atlanta Falcons, who’ve shown signs of life down the stretch in a few games and the Redskins as well as the Dolphins. Just behind Detroit are the Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars and Broncos. Ironically, the Lions will play the Broncos later this season and they are likely to be jockeying them for position, so the chance exists for the order to change dramatically from Detroit’s perspective in the weeks and months ahead, especially with some of the lower end teams pulling upsets.

The Lions schedule doesn’t get any easier from here. Detroit plays the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the next two weeks, then finishes with a trip to Denver and a game against the Green Bay Packers at home. Any of those games could be losses for the Lions with the way the team has been playing.

For now, though, the Lions keep climbing the ladder. If there is any bright side to all the losing the team has done, it has to be that for the Lions, who have stunningly risen to the edge of the top five.

Recent Lions Draft Results

After a tough 6-10 finish to the 2018 season, Detroit finished with a top 10 pick at No. 8. They were able to snag tight end T.J. Hockenson, who’s been one of the offensive bright spots thus far this season. That proves overall how a painful finish can lead to some better players.

As a whole, Detroit has done a decent job in recent drafts getting talent that can compete on the roster immediately. Last season’s top three picks are playing a major role for the team this season. Names such as Taylor Decker, Kenny Golladay, Jarrad Davis, Graham Glasgow and Tracy Walker are also playing a big role for the team when they are healthy and engaged.

While there have been a few mistakes, Quinn has done a decent job to identify talent with some of the picks he has made thus far during his tenure in the Motor City. Another high pick next year could give him a chance at adding another impact player to the squad.

Should Lions Tank to Finish 2019?

The Lions are in an interesting predicament. Matthew Stafford has a painful back injury he’s fighting that might not be as debilitating long term as it initially sounded. As a result, Stafford could return in a few weeks to give the team some much needed juice, even though he probably shouldn’t. Do the Lions still have a shot at the playoffs? With three teams ahead of them in the NFC North and other contenders with better records, the hopes would seemingly on the surface be slim at this point, meaning many will contend the team should decide to tank for the chances of a better draft selection.

Detroit isn’t likely to outwardly give up on their 2019 season with the sole purpose of the 2020 draft even if it makes sense, but should the team keep losing, a higher pick is merely another advantage of some short term pain. This coming season, the Lions could use more defensive help most of all in addition to some depth at wide receiver, quarterback, running back and along the offensive line.

As it stands today, Detroit has seven picks in the 2020 draft. They added an extra fifth round selection after dealing Quandre Diggs this past trade deadline. Detroit traded a 2020 seventh round pick for Eli Harold entering the 2018 season.

While many things can and will change, for now, Detroit’s own selections are trending to be on the higher side for next year, and now are within the top 10 for the moment.

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